Why I Started FindanOldFriend.co.uk?

Finding missing family

I started with my own family to help many ex-service people find their old pals. Many of whom had lost touch for decades. FindanOldFriend.co.uk was also created to help people in general to find old friends, as it was obvious that many people were in need of help. Without this help they were going to get fleeced or they would have to do it themselves with resources they either couldn’t reach or didn’t understand.

Robin Brown and family at Stirling CastleFamily holiday to Stirling Castle

“I Got Quite A Few Surprises About The Sort Of Clientele I Would Attract”

There were many who wanted to find old school friends whom they had known 50 years ago before they were teenagers so they hardly remembered each other. Then there were people who had had a cross word over something and wanted to say “sorry”. I have even had someone who borrowed something and now years later discovered they should have given it back. Old flames of both sexes are always remembered and people want to know they finished up ok even after decades of not knowing each other. Old bridesmaids and best men from long ago are often needed to be found to ensure they are ok too. And believe it or not you would be surprised at how many ex-wives and husbands want to find their former spouses just to know they are ok as well! And nearing the top of the league for importance are those who have emigrated long ago and want to contact old friends from the UK who have lost touch, before they pass away. And on that note there are lots of elderly people who want to reconnect with old neighbours while they are still around.

Robin and Dutch friend Piet at a wartime reunion in 2008Reunion in 2008 with wartime Dutch friend Piet

“Are You Looking For Your Roots?”

I had never realised before that there were so many people around who did not know much about their own roots.

Robin's oldest son Chris in Tenerife with his familyMy oldest son Chris & family who live in Tenerife

“It’s Bad Enough To Miss A Loved Relative For A Long Time Which I Know From Personal Experience”

… but not to know where your own birth parents are or your children who you were never able to bring up is the most tragic thing I can think of. Due to the increasing terrible laxity in social behaviour over the past 40 years a whole generation of lost people has been created who have never known what it means to belong to a loving caring family. Sometimes you can do little due to lack of information but this situation is thankfully much improved by new laws in recent years.

My youngest son Andy & Elle getting married in April 2000

“There Is Nothing More Compelling Than Wanting To Know Who You Really Are”

Because I have had an ever increasing number of poor people in this urgent situation I have decided that they should have their own website. This website is therefore solely devoted to the needs of such people. This is a website that does not mince its words or use smart jargon. I have had so many requests for this type of service in the past with my Findanoldfriend.co.uk website and it is something much more serious than that and deserves to be treated quite seperately. There are often cases where the hardest situation is about making contact and breaking the ice with the relative you miss after a lifetime. In some cases the father doesn’t even know he has a child. In these circumstances I will do all possible to help you and will even write letters on your behalf.

Youngest son Andy with daughter Claire at Stirling CastleMy youngest son Andy & daughter Claire at Stirling Castle

“What Does This Service Involve?”

If you have a son or daughter who is looking for a missing father or has never even known their father then I will do my very best to find him. If you were seperated from your parents at an early age and have never seen them since due to adoption, I will endeavour to find them. Or if you are a parent who has been seperated from any of your children and now want to find them I will search for them providing they are have reached the age of 18. Young persons can be searchers themselves providing their parent or parents agree.

With Daughter-in-law Elle

“Let Me Tell You About One Case Of Many That Always Sticks In My Mind”

I had an email from someone in St Johns Newfoundland. This person employed a young man of 18 on his first job and had a good relationship with him. The young man who lived with his Canadian mother was anxious to find out about his father who resided in the UK. His father had been in the Royal Navy on a visit to the Canadian port and fortunately his mother did at least know his full name. The young man asked his employer if he had any idea how he could look for his father and fortunately found my website. I listed up every person in the UK with the father’s name and wrote to them in simple terms like this : “Were you ever in the Royal Navy around those years as an old colleague was trying to find you”. By not mentioning Canada I did not arouse any suspicion about what the letter was really about. Curiosity often gets the better of a person wanting to know who is looking for them. Straight away I had a reply from someone who was a policeman with a young family and a happy life.

Robin and Valerie married in January 1965With my wife Valerie on our wedding day in January 1965

“I Had No Other Option But To Phone Him Up And Explain That The Old Colleague Was Actually A Son He Didn’t Even Know He Had Who Was Desperate To Locate Him”

He actually took it very well considering his wife and young family had no idea about this part of his past. He promised me he would get in touch with his older son but also I gave the son the UK address just in case he was let down.

Andy finishing the London MarathonAndy completes the London Marathon

“One Of The Reasons I Do This Job Is Because I Believe People Should Live Up To Their Responsibilities And Because I Believe In The Freedom Of Information”

The policeman probably did the right thing as he told me that he was involved a lot with children in his job.

Robin relaxes in his gardenRelaxing in my garden

“Do You Know Enough About The Identity Of Your Missing Relative?”

You might not even have the right surname and so if this is the case you will need to go to www.AdoptionSearchReunion.org.uk this will tell you how to search for vital adoption records to find out the possible name that your blood relative may have taken over. If you have any problem with this type of activity please let me know. The biggest curse of all people finding is that they sometimes have very common names and so it is essential to know about when they were born and in what area. This helps me to look up their birth records to find their all important middle name. This refines a list of addresses down to much fewer with also knowing their age as well and if you have to contact them all then have no fear I will help you do that.

Claire with her cousin at the age of 95Claire with our oldest cousin who was then 95

“What If We Are Too Late?”

Sadly people have not been able to make these searches until they got old themselves and the worst may have happened, but I would normally be able to verify full details of the death and some closure can be obtained from visiting the grave. If you are looking for a daughter who could have married with an unknown name then I can trawl all the records for you to find the married name and there should be no problem.

On Tentsmuir beach with my familyOn the beach with Andy, Claire and Valerie

“What If You Only Have A Maiden Name”

If you are looking for a daughter who could have married with an unknown name then I then trawl all the marriage records for you to find the married name and there should be no problem.

Andy and Elle

“What If They Have Left The UK?”

Many people can be found in other countries and I can check all the english speaking countries and Europe as well.

Jasper our cocker spanielOur most recent cocker Jazzy short for Jasper

“How Much Does It Cost?”

You may already have tried other less personal sites and you will note at once that I cost far less. This is because we want to help as many people as possible and as we are just a private family we have fewer overheads. If you do find someone giving a totally “one to one” personal service at a lower rate then I will give you the same but as far as I know no one is cheaper on this basis.

Forget me nots in my gardenlForget me nots in our garden are most appropriate

“What Does The Charge Include?”

It includes a totally dedicated search for your loved one just as I have with Findanoldfriend.co.uk for the past 9 years only with the extra research that is needed in the case of missing family members. Above all it will include personally contacting people on your behalf where there are sensitive issues if this is necessary. It includes searching for as long as necessary although due to circumstances beyond our control there can never be guarantee of success as in the case of all searches for people.

Robin and ValerieWith my wife Valerie at Tentsmuir beach

“Much Of My Success Is Due To Having The Most Complete Records Possible Of EveryOne Living In The UK As Supplied By Offical National Records”

Playing at Drumoig golf courseFun on the golf course

“When Do I Pay?”

Only when I know that your request is a feasible search and there is a reasonable amount of data to justify it.

Elle and Claire

“To Check Is Free”

Once I am sure there is an excellent chance of success I will ask you to visit the payment section to pay for the time and effort that will be made on your behalf.

Andy with cocker spaniel MurpheyAndrew with our cocker spaniel Murphey

“You May Have Never Seen Either Of My Websites Before And Wonder If They Are Just A Big Con”

There is a very simple answer to this. I have received hundreds of wonderful “thank you” letters over the years as a result of having brought about life changing reunions to thousands of people. Many of these are recorded on www.findanoldfriend.co.uk in the blog section and if you doubt the integrity of any of them I will be happy to put you in touch with some of the people who wrote them.

Robin in his army daysServing in the Royal Engineers during World War II

“Please Tell Me Your Problem And See How I Can Help You”

Please advise your full name and address and phone number and all you can tell me about your missing relative. Please advise details of any other relatives that could be helpful and also if and when you were ever in touch. Tell me as much as possible as any of it could be important.


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