How To Find Your Best Man Or Bridesmaid From 40 Years Ago

After a long happy marriage many people have come to to reunite with a best man or bridesmaid from all those years ago. Jacqueline Wood did just that and and told me about it. My husband telephoned him today and it was the real person that you put us in touch with. This … [Read more...]

Find Old Friend Who Left The UK

Linda told me she was so thrilled after contacting Had just got home from work and found a message from my missing friend Gina thanks to find an old friend on our voice mail and then a long email too. Gina was thrilled and so surprised to hear from us now that she had … [Read more...]

Find Your Old Ex-Service Pals

Brian contacted to find ex-RAF pals having left the service 50 years ago. He said to me: Many thanks indeed for another first class result in tracing my old pal Richard , We made contact again after 35 years and have now made arrangements to meet and spend time … [Read more...]

The First British Bridge Across The Rhine

Fellow sappers - This is for you. To compliment my own personal story and the 60th anniversary of the end of WW2 read the official report at the time by the Chief Royal Engineer 8th Corps of how my colleagues hastened the end by bridging the Rhine. "The planning stages for the Rhine crossing … [Read more...]

How To Find A Dad Or Mum You Have Never Seen Before has been finding missing Dads and Mums for many years now. These are the words of Natasha back in 2004. My Dad phoned me shortly after my boyfriend emailed you. We talked for about 15 minutes and it went really well. We agreed to stay in touch but take it slowly at … [Read more...]

How To Find A Missing Uncle

Vikki and her family found her missing uncle who had just vanished 8 years ago by contacting Vikki said: I can't thank you enough for tracing my uncle Jamie. You gave me the right address and we went round to the area tonight. We actually saw him go into the house , … [Read more...]

How To Find Someone For A Special Occasion

Bob contacted to find his father's old friend to surprise him on his 80th birthday. He told me his father's birthday party was a great success, his old friend Arthur was 82 and in fine fettle. We provided a taxi for him both ways. My father was very emotionally … [Read more...]

How To Find Your Missing Daughter

This is an unusual story of how a German who went to live in Canada never met his English daughter until much later when he asked to find her. This was because he finally married a Canadian girl and then went back to live in Germany with her after he had had an earlier … [Read more...]

Brian Found His Father After 30 Years

Brian found his father through after having searched for him for 30 years. We didn't know at the time a year ago it was his his father, but the standard of service is always the same with regardless of who it is we are searching for. Brian said: I … [Read more...]

How To Find An Old Comrade found Tom for his old friend John after 52 years. Dear Robin, Chalk up another success, I spoke to Tom for the first time in 52 years. It will be great for us to get together, we all change but I am sure we will get along fine. He has a daughter and two grandsons and … [Read more...]

Looking For An Old Friend

People often come to my website to tell me they have spent money elsewhere with no success when they are trying to contact someone important they once knew . With find an old friend I have always tried to put myself in the searcher's position. Many people have no spare money … [Read more...]

How To Find Your Missing Dad

LeighAnn found her real Dad through But even better her Dad had wanted to find her. She said: I also found out I have two younger brothers and a younger sister. We also have so much in common and talked about our fondest memories of each other. He is very caring … [Read more...]

Looking For Your Ex

I have found very many ex-wives and husbands and ex-boy friends and girl friends too. Sometimes for important legal reasons but often for sentimental ones. Contact Robin Brown to bring back the past quickly and cheaply with the best confidential service and personal attention. It often … [Read more...]

How Find An Old Friend

We hear so often of how a well known household name website was just born in the bedroom of quite a young person and how from this tiny beginning a massive fortune was made. We know how they have become indispensable to many of us. With a few clicks they find answers to almost anything or put … [Read more...]

Find An Old Friend In A Day

It took Sam in the States only 24 hours to find two old pen friends she had never met. They were young girls once and now they are retired. One had been married twice but specialises in finding people who have changed their name. In the 50s and 60s people would spend hours … [Read more...]

Paul Testimonial

Dear Robin, Just to let you know that I have found my old friend Paul who made contact with me this morning , now living up, in Bradford. Its strange because as we were getting closer to finding him I started feeling a bit apprehensive. He couldn't believe that we had found him and wants to … [Read more...]

Finding Two Brothers Evacuated From London

Tessa wanted to help her mother in Poole find out what had happened to two brothers who were evacuated from London to stay safely with her in Cornwall in WW2. She thought it was a long shot since they had lost touch back in the 60s but she had been told by a friend that if anyone could help her … [Read more...]

How To Find An Old RAF Pal

Fred Harrington reunited with his two old RAF pals after 50 years through One was a best man at his wedding in 1964 and now after half a century his friend Roger Cain was able to go to his Golden Wedding anniversary Now he has asked us to find another old friend and he … [Read more...]

Tessa Testimonial

That's what our client Tessa Corner said when we helped her to find her mother's old friend. This man is priceless, there are no words to describe the kind and gentle service he provides for those of us who are looking for people we have lost touch with . If you have lost touch with someone … [Read more...]

Finding June After 40 Years

Sometimes we have to write personal letters to people not on line. Very often we have to search for people who have moved into a new marriage that was not known and sometimes we have to investigate a whole family to find where someone is. Let me tell you about Judy looking for an old friend June … [Read more...]