Finding A School Friend From 60 Years Ago

Every day we find an old school friend from 60 years ago or more in Old school friends are some of the most satisfying to reunite. They often don't have the internet, so a son or daughter will help them out and contact us. Nearly always if they are girls they will have … [Read more...]

Finding A Baby Without A Name

We can usually only help you with the full name and age of the missing person but when Mr Brown in Aberdeen needed our help he didn't know the name of the son he was searching for. He would not have gone to any old search company to find this baby and wondered all his life if it would be possible … [Read more...]

Looking For Someone – Why My Personal Service Is Best

Old client Philip who lives in Austria wants to tell you why my service is the best: Searching for a lost friend or relative can be a harrowing experience, as many of you will know and we came across other people who will offer their services to you only to be told there were extensive costs and … [Read more...]

To Not Vote At All Would Be Unthinkable

I would like to congratulate a reader of my local newspaper who implored everyone to vote on the 6th May. Like many other WW2 veterans I just want to scream at all the people who are saying they can't be bothered to vote in the forthcoming election. I have voted for all the main parties at … [Read more...]

How To Find Your Old Girlfriend In A Few Hours

Andy had a pleasant shock when I found his old flame in a few hours. So much so he told his best friend about it straight away who had been looking for the father he had never seen . It was the most important thing he could ever have done for his friend. His friend phoned me up and he had his … [Read more...]

How To Find Your Missed Or Missing Family Today

Lots of people have missing family that they don't really bother about too much and have simply not taken the trouble to keep in touch with. We are very happy to help you find them again but most of all we are really concerned about relatives you have really missed because life has been truly … [Read more...]

Brompton Barracks – Memorial Service – 9th Nov 2008

Had attended our memorial service at Brompton Barracks quite a few times since I became a life member of the REA Chatham branch when I was about 70 but today was extra special because I had the honour of laying a wreath on behalf of the local branch. The weather had been nasty overnight and … [Read more...]

Success Story

To Robin Saturday, March 24, 2007 5:18 PM I´m looking for somebody who is very important to me. He´s name is Lionel xxxxxx ( although I call him Daniel...long story:). I have known him for over 6 years and lost touch with him (around 3 yrs ago) when I moved to Gran Canaria ( life can take … [Read more...]