Bringing The Whole World Together

It's amazing just who is looking for who. I thought when I started out running my website it would just be some old service people looking up old pals or some friends who had lost touch because one of them had moved without telling anybody. I used to do a lot of work just using the computer to … [Read more...]

How To Find Your Missing Cousin In The UK

Sharon Reeves From Arizona found her missing cousin In the UK in 3 hours. Sharon came to to tell me in desperation she had lost money on 4 websites looking for relatives in the UK with no result. Sharon just paid a modest 50 US$ and had her cousin's address in Margate … [Read more...]

How To Find Your Missing Daughter

This is an unusual story of how a German who went to live in Canada never met his English daughter until much later when he asked to find her. This was because he finally married a Canadian girl and then went back to live in Germany with her after he had had an earlier … [Read more...]

How Find An Old Friend

We hear so often of how a well known household name website was just born in the bedroom of quite a young person and how from this tiny beginning a massive fortune was made. We know how they have become indispensable to many of us. With a few clicks they find answers to almost anything or put … [Read more...]

Find An Old Friend In A Day

It took Sam in the States only 24 hours to find two old pen friends she had never met. They were young girls once and now they are retired. One had been married twice but specialises in finding people who have changed their name. In the 50s and 60s people would spend hours … [Read more...]

Finding Two Brothers Evacuated From London

Tessa wanted to help her mother in Poole find out what had happened to two brothers who were evacuated from London to stay safely with her in Cornwall in WW2. She thought it was a long shot since they had lost touch back in the 60s but she had been told by a friend that if anyone could help her … [Read more...]

Finding June After 40 Years

Sometimes we have to write personal letters to people not on line. Very often we have to search for people who have moved into a new marriage that was not known and sometimes we have to investigate a whole family to find where someone is. Let me tell you about Judy looking for an old friend June … [Read more...]

Finding A School Friend From 60 Years Ago

Every day we find an old school friend from 60 years ago or more in Old school friends are some of the most satisfying to reunite. They often don't have the internet, so a son or daughter will help them out and contact us. Nearly always if they are girls they will have … [Read more...]

Finding A Baby Without A Name

We can usually only help you with the full name and age of the missing person but when Mr Brown in Aberdeen needed our help he didn't know the name of the son he was searching for. He would not have gone to any old search company to find this baby and wondered all his life if it would be possible … [Read more...]