Part 3 : Into Battle

This was not the kind of battle that was being fought over in Normandy and I quite enjoyed it because I felt useful, but there were no age limits on this side of the channel and babies and children were killed along with the rest on a daily basis. In July 44 I had been taking part in an exercise … [Read more...]

Part 2 : Off To War

I left several friends, well-wishers and family behind at London Kings Cross standing all the way enroute for Preston to join a company of basic training recruits in August 1943. We were starting to win the war at last in North Africa and the Med but I soon found that it was no personal joyride … [Read more...]

Part 1 : Get To Know Me

My father was one of seven in a poor South London Baptist minister's family who succeeded in going to Westminster School and from there graduating to Christs Hospital, the famous Blue Coat public school now in Horsham. Born December 1925 the son of an actuary who was gassed and injured in WW1 I … [Read more...]

The First British Bridge Across The Rhine

Fellow sappers - This is for you. To compliment my own personal story and the 60th anniversary of the end of WW2 read the official report at the time by the Chief Royal Engineer 8th Corps of how my colleagues hastened the end by bridging the Rhine. "The planning stages for the Rhine crossing … [Read more...]

To Not Vote At All Would Be Unthinkable

I would like to congratulate a reader of my local newspaper who implored everyone to vote on the 6th May. Like many other WW2 veterans I just want to scream at all the people who are saying they can't be bothered to vote in the forthcoming election. I have voted for all the main parties at … [Read more...]

Brompton Barracks – Memorial Service – 9th Nov 2008

Had attended our memorial service at Brompton Barracks quite a few times since I became a life member of the REA Chatham branch when I was about 70 but today was extra special because I had the honour of laying a wreath on behalf of the local branch. The weather had been nasty overnight and … [Read more...]