Brian Found His Father After 30 Years

Brian found his father through after having searched for him for 30 years. We didn't know at the time a year ago it was his his father, but the standard of service is always the same with regardless of who it is we are searching for. Brian said: I … [Read more...]

How To Find An Old Comrade found Tom for his old friend John after 52 years. Dear Robin, Chalk up another success, I spoke to Tom for the first time in 52 years. It will be great for us to get together, we all change but I am sure we will get along fine. He has a daughter and two grandsons and … [Read more...]

How To Find Your Missing Dad

LeighAnn found her real Dad through But even better her Dad had wanted to find her. She said: I also found out I have two younger brothers and a younger sister. We also have so much in common and talked about our fondest memories of each other. He is very caring … [Read more...]

Paul Testimonial

Dear Robin, Just to let you know that I have found my old friend Paul who made contact with me this morning , now living up, in Bradford. Its strange because as we were getting closer to finding him I started feeling a bit apprehensive. He couldn't believe that we had found him and wants to … [Read more...]

Tessa Testimonial

That's what our client Tessa Corner said when we helped her to find her mother's old friend. This man is priceless, there are no words to describe the kind and gentle service he provides for those of us who are looking for people we have lost touch with . If you have lost touch with someone … [Read more...]

Looking For Someone – Why My Personal Service Is Best

Old client Philip who lives in Austria wants to tell you why my service is the best: Searching for a lost friend or relative can be a harrowing experience, as many of you will know and we came across other people who will offer their services to you only to be told there were extensive costs and … [Read more...]