Finding A Baby Without A Name

We can usually only help you with the full name and age of the missing person but when Mr Brown in Aberdeen needed our help he didn’t know the name of the son he was searching for.

He would not have gone to any old search company to find this baby and wondered all his life if it would be possible to trace him.

I am glad he came to for it turned out he not only didn’t know the baby’s name but he didn’t know the full name of the mother. We nearly got it wrong as she had been known as Beryl but in the end this was only her middle name.

Fortunately although Mr Brown had had no contact with Beryl when the baby was born he remembered what year and where she had gone to give birth away from her home town.

Due to the fact the mother had a less common surname we were able to get full details of his name from a copy of the birth certificate without any doubt on his full identity. Unfortunately that is not the end of the story because the baby was adopted and we are now about to try and get his story from the adoption office .

This brings me to another point. We have to pray this abandoned son will want to have contact with his parents does not only technically find missing people BUT we also try to help to persuade people to see each other as well by writing to them.

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