Finding A School Friend From 60 Years Ago

Every day we find an old school friend from 60 years ago or more in Old school friends are some of the most satisfying to reunite. They often don’t have the internet, so a son or daughter will help them out and contact us.

Nearly always if they are girls they will have married into a new surname but that’s no problem. Sometimes several possibilities have the same name so we find the right one with the correct age. We can always put you in touch with those who have been reunited to tell you how successful our service was for them. is quick and cheap from £28 to £35. Always confidential and at the end of the phone if you prefer that to the internet.

Give Robin Brown a call or click right away. Please don’t wait until it might be too late , Why not find that old school friend now.

It is completely free to make sure the search is feasible first of all.

Let Me Find Your Friend Or Family Now

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Please advise your name, email and phone number and all you can tell me about your missing relative or friend.