Finding June After 40 Years

Sometimes we have to write personal letters to people not on line. Very often we have to search for people who have moved into a new marriage that was not known and sometimes we have to investigate a whole family to find where someone is.

Let me tell you about Judy looking for an old friend June she had not seen for 40 years. We found June’s new married name and told Judy the address of some one with the exactly correct name. She wasn’t the right June even though the surname was a quite rare one. I found no death record and no one else that could match but I was excited when I discovered that June had 3 sisters.
I didn’t know their email addresses but I knew where they all were by examining their marriages and tracing them with their latest married names. So surely at least one would know where their sister was . One of the sisters had been married three times and another twice over the years.

To make quite sure I would find where June was I wrote a personal letter to each of the three sisters and they all got in touch with me. Then June phoned to say she did not remember Judy because she did not recognise her married name but I passed on her phone number and soon all was well and they have never stopped talking since thanks to going the extra mile.

The most we would charge is £35 however long it takes and however hard you think it will be to find your missing friend or family don’t hesitate to contact us because it costs nothing to check if your search is feasible.

Finally I always refund in full if all else fails on rare occasions.

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