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We hear so often of how a well known household name website was just born in the bedroom of quite a young person and how from this tiny beginning a massive fortune was made. We know how they have become indispensable to many of us.

With a few clicks they find answers to almost anything or put us in touch with lots of NEW friends.

Although these big sites have become vital to many of us none of them can do what a much smaller website can do, and this website was virtually started in a bedroom as well. None of them can reunite you with old friends and loved ones unless you are very lucky.

My website started out of my personal need to Find Family Members from my past that I had lost touch with. I know how people feel when Someone is Missing from their lives and that makes a big difference .

I had no website at all when I started to help people Find Someone Important from their past. It was over 12 years ago and I had just survived kidney cancer and I saw one of my sons leaflets about CDs of people on the electoral roll. It inspired me no end because at the same time there were long lists of people on the TV teletext pages looking for all kinds of people.

It was born with me phoning these people and offering to help them with my CDs. I used to find lots of them on my first PC borrowed from my son’s firm and did it all through the post which was pretty time consuming, Nearly everyone accepted my offer as I kept the cost down to a mere £18, a fraction of what others charged who were already on the internet and it was important to me first and foremost to help as many as possible and get a good reputation.

In real terms at £25 the usual cost has not changed at all allowing for inflation.

Then my son Andy published my first web site in March 2000 and was born.

Since then I have improved thousands of lives with my personal service.

It was very active from the start due to my Ex-Service Connections, and the well known website enlisted me to help them with some of their requests they could not solve themselves.

Later on I acquired a very close relationship with the electoral roll publishers and I gained a reputation of finding people whom no one else could find BUT THAT IS NOT ALL

The big difference between and all the other big organisations that started in a bedroom is that you can chat to me in person before we do it all on line and I will leave you in no doubt that it is a privilege for me to help you with your search.

Even if you just wish to chat with your old neighbour again or say “hello” to a favourite old school teacher you will get the same dedicated personal service. But if you would like to know which type of enquiries give me the most satisfaction then they are the ones where people are looking for missing relatives whom they can hardly still remember.

I will end with an example of why my personal service surpasses anyone else’s.

A man mailed me to say he thought this one would be too hard for me. This always turns me on!

He gave me the lady’s name and the name of her son saying where he had been born which was a big help.

It was his son that he wanted to find.

I went back to him and said I think you have it wrong as the births of both mother and son did not match his information.

Oh! He says I’m very sorry I gave you the wrong name, I actually think it’s this! I started all over again and that would not cost him a penny more, and I then replied that even the mothers first name of Valerie was wrong because it turned out her full first names were Maureen Valerie and not just Valerie and that was a whole new ball game too.

Accurate information is required but sometimes I can get round faulty details with a bit of luck and experience.

I do hope I can help you in the future

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Robin Brown - People Finder
Please advise your name, email and phone number and all you can tell me about your missing relative or friend.