How To Find A Missing UK Friend When You Are Living In The United States

Josie Gilpin of California has just told me she is meeting up with WW2 evacuee 12 year old friend that we found for her whom she last knew in 1940.

Josie is one of our best clients and grew up in the east end of London and had already found an old missing UK friend through in 2007.

Many clients return due to the good service and we are proud to tell you when Jose met her friend from the days of the blitz on London 70 years ago it must have been a record reunion through

Of course she had a different family name which Jose did not know but I will find anyone through tracing their marriage records.

What a thrill it was for Mary Munn, as she was, to see her old friend when she came over from California.

Let us know if we can give you a happy experience with find an old friend.

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