How To Find Your Missing Daughter

This is an unusual story of how a German who went to live in Canada never met his English daughter until much later when he asked to find her.

This was because he finally married a Canadian girl and then went back to live in Germany with her after he had had an earlier affair with an English girl in Canada

The English girl had had a daughter from the German and also came back to live in England .

Our client Helmut constantly thought about the daughter he had never seen and his former English girlfriend and asked if we could find her.

We found that the family lived quite near us in Kent and sadly the former friend was terminally ill, by talking to the grandmother of the daughter he had never seen.

We asked the daughter if she would like to meet her German father whom she had never seen and she was thrilled about it and said she had also been trying to find her father who was called Helmut and about whom she knew little.

There were celebrations all round and Helmut’s English daughter now has three of his grandchildren to add to the three he already had through his Canadian born wife living in Germany.

Every year they join up either here or in Germany thanks to and the 6 grandchildren’s unification make this case one of the happiest jobs I have ever done.

No matter how many people are involved and what country they are in will always do their best to unite everyone.

Helmut was very generous in his appreciation of having a large reunited multi national family and I will always remember him and his daughter which we found in England.

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