How To Make Payment When I Find Your Friend

A small consultancy charge of £28 ($50/€40) is requested for this unique find your friend personal service. If you are not happy with my service at anytime I will refund the total amount without any conditions. (This Does Not Of Course Apply To Anyone Who Decides In The End Not To Contact The Located Subject Of Their Own Volition Or Because The Subject Is Not Found Due To Lack Of Data About Them). NB A charge is never requested unless I think there is an excellent chance of success.)

Please Note That I Encourage Clients To Postdate Them By One Month And I Promise Not To Cash Them Until I Know That You Are Entirely Satisfied By The Service.

I’ve only had 3 complaints about the service in the last 700 clients.

3 Ways to pay with a Cheque/Postal Order, Credit/Debit Card, or via PayPal

1.Cheques & Postal Orders – If you do not have a credit card or bank card, or prefer not to pay online please send me a cheque for £28.00. Please make the cheque out to “Robin E Brown” and send to the address below with a description of who you are searching for:

Robin E Brown
39 Crossways,
Kent ME10 4RJ

2. Credit/Debit Card – Pay by clicking on the relevant “Buy Now” button below and and then by clicking on the “Click Here” button next to the line stating “If you do not currently have a PayPal account” to make a secure payment. Please fill in the “Who Are You Searching For?” box after entering your credit details.

UK: £28 US: $50 Europe:€40

Canada: $50 CAD Australia: $60 AUD New Zealand: $65 NZ

If I have advised you that I have had to to research marriage registrations in my search for your old friend an extra £7 will be charged in addition to the standard fees shown above

UK: £35 US: $65 Europe: €55

Canada: $65 CAD Australia: $80 AUD New Zealand: $85 NZ

3. PayPal – If you already have a PayPal account, enter your login details having clicked on one of the relevant “Buy Now” button above.

Please note:

1. I do not accept cash. I will accept no responsibility for any cash lost in the post.

2. That all searches have to be based on current surnames and not earlier maiden names that will have been changed where ladies have later married. In order to research into marriage registrations up to £7 is charged by the authorities concerned to find the correct surname.

3. I regret that records are not kept on the internet for people under the age of 18 and many are missing for those under 21.

If you have any questions regarding the payment process or and other search related issue please send an email to me:

Or why not give me a call sometimes its good to hear a real voice in this virtual world. Just phone if you have any queries!

Best to call 10am – 6pm Mon -Fri & 10am – 4pm Sat & Sun

Tel: + 44 (0)1795 424805

Mob: +44 (0)794 1042595>

And finally the good old postal service, please see my testimonials to see that this means of communication is very much alive and well …

Please remember there are no strings of any kind. This is a personal and reliable service run on an amicable basis by a life member of the Royal Engineers Association and I will be in touch for as long as it takes to get a proper result.

I look forward to helping you.

Best Wishes

Robin Brown

P.S. Sometimes the person you are searching for is not in the UK any longer and I will be only too pleased to research in the Commonwealth, European Union and USA.