To Not Vote At All Would Be Unthinkable

I would like to congratulate a reader of my local newspaper who implored everyone to vote on the 6th May.

Like many other WW2 veterans I just want to scream at all the people who are saying they can’t be bothered to vote in the forthcoming election.

I have voted for all the main parties at one stage or another since the end of WW2 and at no time have I been satisfied with the outcome although I did admire Mrs Thatcher for her loyalty to our grand country.

However to “not vote at all would be unthinkable” when you have had to spend the best years of your life helping to get rid of Hitler and his Nazi Germany.

Sadly even today you don’t have to look far to find countries where their poor citizens have no way of getting rid of a dictator in their countries. Let’s stop and think how lucky we are to be able to moan about our leaders and to regard them as our servants and not the other way round.

I just wish our current politicians had lived through the 30s and 40s and experienced what a great nation we were in those days instead of which they all seem to have allowed us to weaken and to be taken over by the rest of the commercial and financial world.

Even though we would never have succeeded in distroying the Nazi empire with out enormous help from the U S A and the Soviet Union I had no doubt in my mind when I was lucky enough to land on the Normandy beaches with a million others that I would always be loyal to this great country of ours and make sure we would always be a democracy .

Today in the UK so many take this for granted. Even if you are not sure who to vote for this time, whatever you do “please vote for someone” so you can go on having the right to complain about things that are not to your liking.

And also please do it for my generation who very nearly got trampled on by the thugs of europe.

Happy voting !!

Kind regards

Robin Brown

Life member — Royal Engineers Association.

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